The effect of nitrates on yeast solutions containing glucose compared to solutions containing fructose

Jalen Baker, Madeleine Bray, Blake Anthony Champoux, Tyajia Bynum, Melisa Robinson


A recent study examined the effects of nitrates on the utilization of glucose and fructose in yeast solutions. The study found that when the nitrate was added to the solution containing fructose, it blocked the effects of ethanol in impeding the utilization of fructose in such a way that the fructose utilization was actually increased in the solution. Our experiment focused on the effect of adding nitrates to a yeast solution. We hypothesized that with the addition of a nitrate to each solution, the solution containing fructose would undergo a higher and more efficient growth rate than the glucose solution (Pretorius, 2004). We began with two control groups, one with glucose, and one with fructose, to set a baseline of growth. From there we were able to compare the normal yeast growth rate to the growth rate of the yeast solution that was supplemented with a nitrate.

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