Exploring the Effect of Temperature on the Diffusion Rate of NaCl Across a Semi-Permeable Membrane

Alicia Johns, Aubrey Hicks, Cameron Jackson, Traci Richardson


In order to further the understanding of cell membrane behavior, we looked at temperature’s effect on the rate of diffusion. We investigated this by measuring the conductivity of NaCl in a simulated cell membrane. With this knowledge, synthetic biology can create more realistic membranes and improve the field. Using dialysis tubing as a semi-permeable membrane, we put 1%  (weight by volume) NaCl in to a clamped on each end section of tubing and put that in a deionized water solution with a conductivity probe. As NaCl entered the solution and separated into ions in water, conductivity increased in the deionized water, as it had more atoms for the electricity to go through.

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