The Effects of Fertilizer on the pH and the Amount of Algae in water from the Hefner Fishing Dock in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Mary Young, Taylor Transou, Brekyn Vandelune, Yu Wang, Austin Leone


Determining whether water is acidic, neutral, or basic can be determined by measuring its pH level. There is a specific range of pH levels in which organisms can survive, and if the level is too low or too high and can be detrimental to the organisms. Our group gathered water from the Hefner Fishing Dock and separated it into two different containers to change the independent variable, the length of time of the experiment. We hypothesize that when fertilizer is placed in the water, the pH of the Hefner Fishing Dock Water will increase, and there will be a decrease in the algae in the water. In addition, we hypothesize that over a longer time period, the pH will be higher than when the length of time is shorter.

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