As’salt’ing Algae: The inhibition of algae growth using varieties of pure and mineral salts.

Levi Bright, Meghan Bellair, Amanda Atkins, Aimee Elmquist


Eutrophication of algae plagues waters by suffocating the life underneath. To decrease growth of algae, a common practice is to use salt. Salts decrease algae by prohibiting growth of algae blooms. Knowing salts can decrease growth in algae, we pondered would a variety of salts with low to high mineral contents produce different growing results? We observed 5 test tubes containing 1 control group of Hefner Golf Course water and 4 experimental groups containing sea salt, Himalayan salt, applewood salt, and deionized table salt. We grew them for two weeks, testing the cell count using a Leica ICC50W Hemocytometer microscope for each week that passed. Our data shows that while sea salt would not regularly be used for eutrophication in ponds, out of regularly used salts for cooking, this salt decreased algae growth the most.

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