For Fish Sake: The Effect of Nitrogen and Phosphorus on Organism Diversity

Abigail Yang, Fikirte Erda, Alexandra Whaley, Sam Steinsiek, Cassidy Watters


Nitrogen and phosphorous are an important part to organisms until they become an excessive nutrient. Excessive nutrients results in eutrophication, the process of this is decreasing aquatic life forms because of the excessive amounts of algal being produced. We hypothesized that the lower the Nitrogen the more diverse and abundance of organisms will survive because the effects of Nitrogen will slow down growth of organisms. Using two different areas of water we examined the types of organisms living in a higher amount of N and P and lower amount of N and P. Sample one (Dolese Inlet) supported our hypothesis by having a more diverse selection of organisms compared to sample two (Dolese Outlet) where there was a limited amount of diverse organisms. Although results were conclusive, where samples were taken in the tank could be a factor to what organisms are analyzed.

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