Association of pH Levels and Conductivity Levels with Algae Growth and the Implications on Water Quality

Sergio Mares, Taylor Varnon, Jenna Siler, Jessica Venard, William Mimbs


The impact of environmental pollution is a critical issue that has increased overtime. Pollution and residual levels have increased water risk safety in water sources near different urban areas (Lu, et al. 2015). In many regions, an increase of pollution has caused serious negative effects putting people at a serious health risk. Hence, it is important that issues threatening water safety remain a constant focus. A comparative study was performed using conductivity levels and pH levels from different water sources. In addition, this study determined health risks through the introduction of algae species in the water samples with higher conductivity levels. The results suggests an association of growth of microorganisms in high conductivity levels. This relationship determined that the water from Life Sciences West could potentially represent a health threat to the campus population.

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