The effects of specific physical traits on mating selection of male guppies

Jessey Gilbert, Derika Fink, Dylan King, Fikirte Erda


Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) are used as research animals for many scientists (French, 2017).  For our experiment, we were looking at the types of behaviors from male guppies when a female model is presented to them. The type of behaviors we were looking for were Sigmoid (S curves), Gonopodial Swing, Fin Spread, and Biting. We tested five different male guppies when the female model is present and observed the behavioral displays as well as time spent around the female mode. We found that the dark color of the model is not as desirable to the male guppies compared to the control model. 


Guppy, Mating, Behavior, Behavioral displays

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