How a Colorfully Lit Environment Affects Male Poecilia reticulata Mate Choice

Alexia Benson, Breannah Banks, Adrienne Blakey, Jay Walton


Guppies (Poecilia reticulata) have been identified as valuable research subjects for behavior and ecological studies because they are sexually dimorphic, easy to care for, and their behaviors are well understood. The interference of the green light and orange light on the male guppies’ interaction with the female models provides insight to the phenomenon of color attraction. The purpose of this investigation is to gain a better understanding of the type of environment guppies are more likely to mate in by simulating different colored light environments and analyzing the response of guppy spectral sensitivity. The results of this investigation have concluded that male guppies prefer natural light environments in comparison to orange or green light environments. However, green was the least preferred environment of the three options.

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