Super Salty: Picochlorum oklahomense Growth under high salinity levels

Brooke Bollinger, Kylea Caroline Basden, Eunissa Blanke, Logan Lou Abernathy, Austin Leone


We performed our study to discover a cheap way to grow algae to use for biodiesels. We wanted to test the effects of salinity on the growth rate of the algae. We accomplished this by measuring algae growth in a control group of 2% salt and in an experimental group of 3.5% salt. After completing two rounds of growth in two different bioreactors, we found that the algae level increased with a salinity level of 3.5% in comparison to the control group. These results contradicted our hypothesis by showing that an increased salinity level led to an increased Picochlorum oklahomense cell count. We recommend using a relatively high amount of salt to grow algae for biofuels use.

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