I Want Algae: The Effects of Glucose on Picochlorum oklahomensis Chlorophyll Production and Cell Density

Kenley Hayes, Ky Shen, Allison Howell, Mattie Kiser, Aubrea Martin, Kenzie Lynch


The purpose of this experiment is to investigate if glucose effects the chlorophyll production of the algae and to find the effects of glucose on cell density. We will measure chlorophyll and cell density as the dependent variables and compare that to the amount of glucose added in to each Photobioreactor bottles. We used a Venier Spectrometer measure chlorophyll and a Hemocytometer to measure cell density in each of the bottles and waited a week to see the results. After a week we recorded the results and found that from the first trial we had inconsistent results for the chlorophyll from using the Chlorophyll Protocol and (Insert Cell density results here)

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