The Effect of Bicarbonate Additive on the Growth Rate of Algae (Picochlorum Oklahomensis) in Varying Light.

Tara Scarberry, Jacob Kettner, Jack Palla, Elizabeth Wedlake, Katie Mueller


Algae is commonly used in the creation of biofuels, therefore increasing its growth rate is a key factor in optimizing the amount of biofuel that can be created (Enamala et al 2018). We decided to conduct an experiment in which we had two control groups and two experimental groups. Both control groups had 0.001mol of Sodium Bicarbonate added to them, while both experimental groups had 0.016mol of Sodium Bicarbonate, then one control and one experimental group was placed in darkness for an entire week, while the other was in the light. We found that the sodium bicarbonate yielded inconclusive results, however the groups that were exposed to light yielded a visible difference in the amount of algae grown. This experiment displays the importance of light in the production of algae, and shows that in order to optimize the production of algae for its use in biofuels, the algae should be exposed to light for as long as possible.

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