Mate Choice of Male Guppies (Poecilia reticula) between 3D Female Models with Different Wavelengths

Allison Fredman, Catalina Molina, Taylor Walton


Male guppy mating behavior has many displays. Some of these displays include sigmoid behavior, Gonopodial swings, fin fanning, and biting. In this study, the amount of times that each courtship behavior was displayed was calculated to determine one factor that a male uses to attract a mate. The goal of this experiment was to test if male guppies prefer female guppies that reflect longer wavelengths of light as sexual partners. To test this, two 3D printed female models, one red and one blue, were used to entice male guppies. The time spent with each model, as well as the mating behaviors displayed with each model was measured. The results from this study showed that the red female model received more displays of courtship, as well as more time with the male guppy. This supported the hypothesis that the male guppies would prefer the color with longer wavelengths.

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