Plants at the Disco: The Relationship between Wavelength Absorption and the Rate of Photosynthesis.

Heather Henderson, Grayson Kuehny, Sam Kimbrough, Jeremy Kaplan


The Americans Concerned for Maintaining Ecosystems (ACME) has asked us to help determine under what light condition carbohydrates are produced most efficiently (French, 2014). We tested the oxygen production levels in conditions of varying wavelengths of light, red, green, and blue. We questioned in what type of light plants would photosynthesize best. We suggest that plants photosynthesize most efficiently, in white light. Our hypothesis was scientifically supported because the white light allowed the plant to photosynthesize most efficiently compared to the red, green, or blue light. These findings will help future crop producers determine how to best produce the highest amounts of carbohydrates per plant, which induces efficiency of plant growth and carbohydrate yield.

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