Effect of Body Mass on the Metabolic Rate of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches

Sarah Bellendir, Kaylyn Gise, Safeer Hussain, Dani Kirsch


After seeing many studies on metabolic rate and how it was affected by body size, we decided to test their studies. We hypothesized that if the cockroach has a larger body size, then it will have a faster metabolic rate. In our testing process we ran four trials on smaller cockroaches under three grams and four trails on larger cockroaches over three grams. We measured their C02 levels individually and then calculated their metabolic rates using the data we collected. As a result we found that that on average the small cockroaches had a smaller C02 average change and slower metabolic rates. The larger cockroaches had a greater C02 average change and faster metabolic rates. Since the larger cockroaches do have faster metabolic rates our hypothesis is supported. Though we did run into trouble with our C02 sensor being too sensitive, so the result may need to be retested for more accurate results.

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