Temperature effects on the Metabolic Rates of Acheta domestica

Bradley Fritch, Caroline Carson, Donyail Bryant, Abigail Louise Fate, Dani Kirsch


The reliability to provide sufficient amounts of food for the world is a global issue. A. domestica have become increasingly accepted as a food source around the world. Finding the best growing temperatures of A. domestica could help the overall output of the animal as a food source.  Our experiment tested the relationship between metabolic rate and change in temperature to provide information on growing methods within the organism. We hypothesized increasing temperature would cause an increase in metabolic rate of the organisms.  Groups of organisms were tested at a temperatures of 16oC, 22-23oC, and 30oC. The metabolic rates at each temperature were recorded. Metabolic rates showed an increase at temperatures 16 oC and 30 oC when compared to the values at 23 oC. Several different variables could have caused differences in results for each group/temperature.   Further results need to be found to provide sufficient information helping the growing methods of A. domestica farmers.

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