The influence of eutrophic and oligotrophic KNO3 concentration on growth rate of Picochlorum oklahomense

Hannah Blakley, Myriam Achour, Calyn Adams, Josue Cortinas, Sierra Williams


Environmentalists are researching new ways to produce biofuels and microalgae is commonly studied to replace petroleum-based diesel fuels. Research is focused on common and easily cultivated algae and how to maximize growth and production to support the demand of biofuels. We tested the effect of excess KNO3 in the microalgae’s water condition. We found that the Picochlorum oklahomense had grown 15.5 million cells/mL more when introduced to the higher concentration of KNO3 than compared to algae that was not, which supported our hypothesis of potassium nitrate being useful in the growth of microalgae.

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