Transgenerational Effects of a Protein Diet on Vanessa cardui Reduces Respiration Rate

Isabelle Posey, Ivie Shelton, Harmon Newell, Ava Sinnes, Sierra Williams


Throughout this experiment, the transgenerational effects of an altered diet were observed on Vanessa cardui’s, also known as the Painted Lady Caterpillar, respiration rate by comparing the F2 generation of protein fed V. cardui to that of a control group raised on a non-protein-based diet. We measured the CO2 production over time, at 24.7° (room temperature), 30°, and 10° C temperature environments between the two groups. We found that the respiration rate of the F2 generation was consistently 50-60% lower than the control group’s rate. These results show that protein has transgenerational effects that lower V. cardui’s respiration rate. Using this experiment, we can further discover the transgenerational effects of macronutrients on the physiological functions of ectotherms.

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