Effects of Ambient Temperatures on Metabolic Rate in Madagascar hissing cockroaches (Gomphadorhina portentosa)

Ashley Johnson, Jake Hill, Bailee Loveless, Samantha Leach, Emily Sarvis


The effects of ambient temperatures on the metabolic rate of ectothermic Madagascar hissing cockroaches (Gomphadorhina portentosa) was examined by measuring CO2 and O2 gas exchange of the Madagascar hissing cockroaches in various surrounding temperatures. The Madagascar hissing cockroaches are an ectothermic species whose metabolic rates are influenced by their body temperature. This prompted the question of whether or not ambient temperature directly correlates to the metabolic rate of the Madagascar hissing cockroaches. We tested our hypothesis by measuring the carbon dioxide output from the Madagascar hissing cockroaches when in a respiration chamber at different temperatures compared to room temperature to give us the rate at which the Madagascar hissing cockroaches used energy. Our hypothesis was supported, and we found that there is a correlation between ambient temperature and the metabolic rate in Madagascar hissing cockroaches. As the ambient temperature increased, the metabolic rate (ppm/g/s) increased as well. However, as the ambient temperature decreased, the metabolic rate increased.

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