How Sugar Affects Yeasts's Fermentation and Aerobic Cellular Respiration Processes

Rhaina Hodrick, Taylor Grissom, Anna Ritchie, Thomason Hanson


In this study, we chose to test how table sugar, also known as sucrose, affects the CO2 production of yeast by measuring CO2 levels within the small biochamber during each trial. The fact that yeast is a unicellular fungus that tends to display different levels of CO2 production which is a product of fermentation and aerobic cellular respiration which we used to quantify the rates of those processes depending on the amount of sugar present (French 2015) is what led us to our hypothesis. Our results in Figure 2 show that the trials with no added sugar were the lowest CO2 production rates while the trials with the most sugar added had the highest CO2 production rates, overall sugar did have an effect on the process of fermentation and aerobic cellular respiration.

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