The Effect of Temperature on the CO2 production of Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Jazmine Howell, Amy Kim, Jarrett Darrah, Sydney ferrell, Samantha Garza


There are different factors that can affect the rate of aerobic respiration, the purpose of this experiment was to test how we can invoke the highest rate of production. Throughout this study we tested how varying temperatures can enhance the output of CO2. We predicted with increasing temperature, there would also be increased production rates. There were three ten minute trials of each group ( 5°C, 22°C, 54°C) and the average production rate of CO2 and temperature was taken for each. The results showed a direct correlation between temperature and production rate of CO2 due to there being a positive trend. The Saccharomyces cerevisiaefavored the warmer temperature with a highest rate of 8.973 ppm/s,  whereas the other groups at lower temperatures had lower rates. The results further supported our hypothesis that high temperatures enhance the rate of CO2   at its highest potential. It is important to continue to strengthen this research by testing how time affects the yeast alongside temperature.

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