Testing the Effect of Increased Temperature on Yeast CO2 Production and Cell Density?

Lauren Gray, Kari Jenkins, Shawn Koscheski, Alyssa Kramer, Lawrence Adegbule


The goal of our experiment was to see the effect of different temperatures on the growth of yeast. We had multiple nutrients, including sodium phosphate and sucrose, added to the yeast and devised an experiment that would test the effects of temperature change on them in a way that we could easily observe. We gathered multiple chemical nutrients which we added to yeast and water, and measured the CO2 output after stirring the mixtures for 5 minutes. We also analyzed the cell density of each mixture, and they were consistently increasing with an increase in temperature. We observed that yeast in warmer water had more growth. Other work in the field is consistent with what we found, as other researchers have found similar result.

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