Rising to the occasion: the effects of differing sugar concentrations on yeast

Adriana Driskell, Shauni Windle, Jordyn Collyar, Seraiah Coe


Baker’s yeast has been used for decades to create baked goods, alcoholic beverages, and much more. Considering the numerous uses for this product it seems unreasonable that the knowledge concerning differing sugar concentrations on cellular respiration of yeast, measured through Carbon Dioxide output, is lacking. Information about this could greatly improve productivity of yeast. We believe that a increase in sugar concentration will decrease the carbon dioxide output. We have three experimental groups of 10% Baker’s yeast with differing sugar concentrations: 3%, 4%, and 5%. Our control group will be a sugar concentration of 2%. We received results that confirmed our original hypothesis therefore showing that cellular respiration of yeast decreases in correlation with an increase of sugar added.

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