Efficiency of Arabinose Fermentation Compared to Dextrose Fermentation

Brittany Allison, Yhan Francis, Tessa Gipson, Joshua Gomez, Jake Kline


Aerobic ethanol production depends on the relative capacities of the fermentation and respiratory pathways of S. Cerevisiae (Metzinger et al. 2016). Arabinose is a simple sugar that is very abundant in plant gums. It can act as both a source of energy and a source of carbon for bacteria. In a 250 mL biochamber we performed the fermentation reaction to determine if Saccharomyces cerevisiae (baker’s yeast) could successfully ferment arabinose at a rate similar to that of dextrose. After 5 trials dextrose on average produced 31% more ethanol than arabinose.

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