Combination of sugars and the effect on S. cerevisiae

Abigail Fate, Donyail Bryant, Caroline Carson, Bradley Fritch, Dani Kirsch


Providing sufficient growth conditions for S. cerevisiae is an area of interest of Acme Brewing and Baking. Researching different methods of growth allows for more efficient ways to use yeast in baking and brewing. The growth of S. cerevisiae is related to the metabolic activity of the yeast. One of the main components in metabolic activity of yeast is fermentation. Our study looks at how sucrose glucose, and sucrose/glucose mixture change the rate of overall metabolic activity in S. cerevisiae. We found that glucose provided the greatest increase in metabolic rate, and glucose/sucrose mix had the least increase in metabolic rate. Further trials should be conducted to provide more information on sugar combination effects in S. cerevisiae metabolism. 

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