The effect of sucrose concentration on ethanol output in baker’s yeast vs. brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Tiffany Stephens, Jasmin Smith, Brianna Scott, Sierra Williams


Acme Brewing and Baking’s main propose in their research is too maximize CO2, ethanol, and growth in yeast. Many different outside factors including sugar (sucrose) can affect the maximization of all three aspects of Acme brewing and baking’s research. In our experiment we are studying the difference in ethanol production when baker’s and brewer’s yeast has increasing concentrations of sucrose. By tracking the ethanol output we were able to measure the increase seen across the different concentrations of sucrose. Because baker’s yeast produces more ethanol, we hypothesized that baker’s yeast will have a greater increase between different sucrose concentrations than brewer’s yeast. That is shown to be supported by our experiment in which there was a greater increase in ethanol output in the baker’s yeast. This information can better evolve yeast research.

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